Spain - Marc Verdiesen
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Cala Estreta

Cala Estreta

My first attempt at a star trail image.

Pointed the camera North and tried to create an interesting foreground.
Calculated the time between moon set and sun rise using the Sun Surveyor app on my phone.
Used many 30-second exposures.
Some light painting; popped my off-camera flash a couple of times to light the cabin.
Used StarStaX for the image stacking.
Some photoshop work to remove hot pixels. There were about 30 on my 5D3. I never noticed any before so this must be something specific for long exposures.

Learning points for next time:
- use lower ISO (these were ISO 800 so a little too much noise)
- expose some dark frames to reduce noise and hot pixels.
- do not bump the tripod (there's a shift in the trails if you look carefully)
- experiment with the gap filling feature of StarStaX.

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